Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Post-Christian Society

Majority of French people support gay marriage, all parts of Britain are legislating to introduce it here and in Denmark its already lawful. Given this is the single most important legal step for the LGBT movement in recent years, isn't it time to update our lingo?

There is nothing 'gay' about equality

The problem with terminologies is that they tend to not just represent how civic society sees a particular issue, but actually influences people too. In the language you use to describe an issue shall directly influence the prism through which others shall see the same said issue. And this isn't all that controversial a notion either; Orwell made great work of this (you'd think) simple point. Thus it continues to distress and depress me that the same sex marriage issue is being typecast as 'gay marriage'; whereas in truth it is far more important.

 Equal marriage represents nothing short than a major moment as the whole of western society enters into a resolutely post-Christian progressive settlement. Polls for the first time in so many centuries show that the Christian faith is on the major slide, and now as a faith it is at loggerheads with the majority of public opinion. Furthermore, given that equal marriage is the ultimate expression of our commitment to the enlightenment ethical legacy; this issue is highlighting that Christianity with its Aristotelian ethics is anathema. 

Yes: anathema. 

Whereas Christianity is focused on Aristotle and his argument that there is 'one' way to lead 'a good life' (and naturally, this is decided by the Churches themselves); the enlightenment argues for a freer vision. According to Rousseau, Mills, Paine, Hume et al the idea was that we'd all be free to lead our own interpretation of 'the good life'. The only caveat being the Millsian harm principle. This incidentally is where the 'liberal neutral state' comes from. 

Thus what 'gay marriage' actually is doing is proving that we really are entering a post Christian society. One where the liberal neutral state replaces the tyranny of the churchmen. One where people like me; who are not  heterosexual male don't feel totally repressed by intolerance. There really isn't anything 'gay' about what this single issue is doing. There is a reason the major Christian Churches are reacting hysterically to this idea. With census results showing less than 60% of Brits are even Christian anymore, and more than 25% are officially atheist - they realise their time has come. And the voices of my, younger, generation are shouting: 'enough of the prejudice', and 'enough with theism' being the enabler for hating. 

Polling figures are certain

It is worth showing just how united Western Europe is becoming around this idea of equal marriage. A poll by Le Monde newspaper back in November, showed that 65% of French people supported equal marriage,. But interestingly this has led to a majority also supporting same sex adoption there too (52% of people supported the right of gay couples to adopt); a first in French recorded polling history. 
In the UK the figures are even more stark, with 71% of Brits supporting equal marriage in the Pink News poll and 3 in 5 of Brits supporting it according to the Guardian

So lets all ignore Christian prejudice together; when they arrogantly and insultingly say 'its okay to be gay, just not practising'. 


  1. I was intrigued to hear from my mother today that the Church of England has decided that homosexuals living in a civil partnership can become bishops, but only if they repent their sins and promise that the relationship from then on will not be in any way physical.

    Repent a loving relationship that a priest has seen as important enough to commit to partnership? What kind of love is that?

    And have they any idea of how they could police it? Cameras in every room of the vicarage?

    Apparently it was being discussed on a radio programme and a woman parishioner participant vehemently opposed to this, said that when she thinks about it she is almost physically sick.

    Well, I suppose if I thought about the sexual relationships of most of the people I know, I too would be physically sick. The answer to that is that most well balanced people never give any thought at all to anyone else's sexual activities.

    Much better that way. It saves one's mind wandering to Great Aunt Matilda and Great Uncle Peregrine.

    Interestingly the church didn't mention anything about homelessness, or the poverty being brought about by government policy, or the fact that people on Chemotherapy are now considered well enough to work, without any reference to either their GP or Oncologist.

    Still, there are some things that are more important than all that stuff, aren't there.

    PS: Not a single mention of choir boys either!

  2. You are right about the absurdity of the CoE current plight. Maybe homophobia like you point out, coupled with their obsession with women's womb and gay peoples orientations is why they are losing support.

    They are so out of touch it would be funny were it not for so many homophobes being influenced by their church teachings.

    Hate will only be defeated when we recognise the late great Christopher Hitchens was right to say, "religion, it poisons everything".

  3. It's a pity, because I have seen it do good as well...

  4. Good... just not if you are a gay kid scared to come out 'cos the civic noise of hate the CoE spills out...

  5. Absolutely. I'm not disagreeing with you. But at a lower parish, the people often do good work.

    They just have a block as to anything to do with sex or sexuality.

    I was amused to hear Jeremy Hardy on the "News Quiz" laughing about some of the other things that are abominations... according to Leviticus like shellfish.

    I wonder if any of the people who bleat on about this subject have ever eaten crab, prawns, shrimps, lobster?

    if they have, they will surely rot in hell for all time....